About Us

We are GNV

Few good things are born out of frustration. This venture is one of them. As pet parents in India, we faced a constant battle to procure best supplies for our fur kids. Most available food in India was of such low quality that no pet owner in right mind would feed it. The best available in India was just not good enough.
So, we decided to take things in our own hands. We scoured the world for best possible pet food and supplies and got in contact with the manufacturers. We understood in detail the science behind their formulas and got down to setting up a supply chain within the country to distribute it. By Feb 2014, we were up and running!
We are a pan-India pet supplies distributor committed to bringing the best of global pet care to Indian pets. We have a deep understanding of the domain that we operate in and have in-house competencies which stretch from port to pet. Our banquet of products and services is structured around a simple motto – We sell what we use for our own fur kids.

  • Global Best in India

    We exist to provide Indian pets the globally best available products. We intend to do it at a cost which is affordable to most and at a service level which matches the product quality.

  • Thought Leaders

    We aim to be thought leaders in the field of pet nutrition in the country and act as a hub for similar minded professionals and individuals.

  • Pet Parents first

    We sell products which we use for our own pets. No exceptions

  • Pet Speciality Specialists

    We work exclusively with similar minded pet speciality retailers, breeders, vets to ensure a pan India presence.

Meet Our Team

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    Prateek Raj Singh

    COO & Founder

    Converts Ideas to Money
    HCL MBA(FINANCE) Welingkars

  • Picture3

    Varun Vinod Sharma

    CEO & Founder

    speaks dogs (and learning cats)
    P&G, MBA IIFT Delhi

  • Picture4

    Akshit Sharma


    Founder Monkie.in, Magitt MBA(IB) Welingkars

  • Picture4

    Hari Mohan

    Operations Manager

    Links Coast to Customer

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    Smart as hell. Can solve differential equations.

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    The First BornBig & CalmKnows the Mastiff Way

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    Haughty & Arrogant Struts never walks

  • Picture7



    Found in an empty washing machine. & Now rules with an iron paw.