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Ruffwear Gourdo
Ruffwear Gourdo


From interactive play, to treat dispensing, to gum massaging, this durable toy does it all. 

The rope lanyard makes it easy to throw and pick up to avoid the slobbery rubber end. 

1.75 X 5.25 IN (4 X 13 CM) - Small 
2.5 X 8 IN (6 X 20 CM) - Large 

Please note:  All Ruffwear toys are interactive and intended for supervised play.  They are not designed to be chew toys. Once the interactive play has finished, place the Ruffwear toy out of your dog's reach and replace with a designated chew toy.



  • Rope handle makes it easy to throw great distances for fetching
  • Gum massaging design can be filled with treats
  • Made from natural latex rubber, a renewable, sustainable resource
  • Natural rubber is resilient, stretchy, bouncy and durable


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